"The Sears"

by Old Iron Rider

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gettin the motor ready

Before I can get into the motor, I had to build a motor stand for the Spacke. Unlike the Harley motors, stands are not readidly available...   Whats makes the stand a tinge time consuming is that the motor mounts are really motor blocks that are part of the case housing... These blocks lay on platforms brazed into the frame and are then clamped down... You just got to calculate the angle of the mounts, and the distance apart.. Otherwise the motor will not sit right for you to work on...
Here is the stand in the raw.... BTW, I'm no welder....  This was my first "practice piece"  LOL

Once the stand was built, a little Sears "Ferrari" red (Krylon) should spruce up the stand...  As for the motor, it will be brought to Jim "THE motor guy" down in Westchester county, NY.  Jim is one of the finest engine builders around Southern NY and has work on many antique cycles far and wide.  He is the man whom Buzz Kantor of American Iron Magazine has trusted to do his "Cannonball" 1915 motor.   He is also the guy setting up my Cannonball "Just in case bike" ... a 1915 3speed Harley...
When I drop off the Spacke, I'll do a lil photo session of his place and record the progress on the motor...

Here is the Spacke ready for delivery to Jim:


I will provide Jim's phone number to anyone who emails me... Since his talents are in demand, we don't want to advertise it and have him hit with a thousand calls ! (Well at least till the Spacke is done...)

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