"The Sears"

by Old Iron Rider

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Small stuff

Just goin through some more small stuff... Here is the new compression release for the Cannonball bike... It's a lot beefier than the original and should last cross country...
The left side slides into the compression tower in the motor case...It's a 10-24 thread. The right side has a new angle fitting to it that is bigger and stronger... It's tapped to 1/4x24.

As you can see, the carb looks like it's got very limited miles on it... The float almost looks NOS. Just to be on the safe side, I'm replacing it with a float from Competition Distributing...

One more small item is rocker lubrication. Since I'm using the OEM rockers I want ot make sure that greasing is fast and easy... I love the original twist oilers, but when you want to make sure grease is going where it's got to go, nothing beats a modern fitting.. It's also a little cleaner to work with...

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