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by Old Iron Rider

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Take apart- Part 2

Once we got the flys out, I took a quick pic  so I could highlight the 'master ans slave' setup of Spacke.

We'll look into new valves as the original ones had a little wear on the stem.  The wildest aspect of the Spacke motor is it's lifter cage setup. This design has all the lifters operating on a horizontal shaft off of the flys. The compression release is also part of the setup... Here is the cage:

 The horizontal shaft looks like this:

We tried to start matching a good size pushrod for the trip, just to be sure...

The cases themselves will need a little welding. we found this issue on the inside front cover along with a few stress cracks here and there...

Just to give you an idea of what the compression release setup looks like, here is a quick shot of the OEM.

Since we had a score running in one of the cylinders, we'll have to have it bored out, match a new piston head with wrist pin.     Also on the agenda will be welding the case issues...

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